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As a leader in learning science and LTI-compatibility, we can deliver on a course solution that gives you what you want without compromise. We offer streamlined data, single sign-on registration, and industry-leading content and technology to go with your custom-made course. You’re free to teach your course, your way. It’s where education is going, and we get it.

LTI Makes Your Life Easier

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a standard created by the IMS Global Learning Consortium allowing seamless linking of third-party content/tools to learning management systems (LMS). All that means is LTI makes your teaching life simpler. When using LTI-compatible tools, you see class reports and analytics of student progress in one place. Your students don’t have to log in to different applications. They don’t ask you for the link. Everyone saves time.

LTI is a Two-Way Street

We use LTI to integrate tools into our platform, but we also use LTI to integrate our platform with all major LMS brands. Examples of tools and brands include…



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