What is Quest: Journey Through the Lifespan?

Quest: Journey Through the Lifespan is an engaging and innovative auto-graded learning game providing students with opportunities to apply content from their human development curriculum to real life whether you are teaching face-to-face or online.

What are students saying about Quest: Journey Through the Lifespan?

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Did Quest: Journey Through the Lifespan help make content and theories relevant to daily life?


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Is Quest: Journey Through the Lifespan engaging?


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“It was enjoyable and I feel like I learned a lot from it because of how it relates to real-life experiences.” – Autumn W. Forsyth Technical Community College Student

“I loved this learning tool. It is way more engaging than anything I’ve ever used. It made learning fun! 10/10!” -Cedtazia M. Florida International University Student

Sample size: Students (N=581)

What are Instructors Saying about Quest: Journey Through the Lifespan?

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It is the first learning game designed with inclusivity and accessibility at the forefront of development. Each stage of development was designed, developed, and tested against WCAG standards to ensure all learners will benefit from this amazing new learning resource!


A learning game designed to help students apply course content and theories into real-life scenarios. Each quest is auto-graded and carefully designed to optimize student learning and efficiency. Follow-up analytical questions are available for further critical thinking.


Each character, environment, and task bring in real-life scenarios, questions, and factors to keep students engaged while helping them understand how what they are learning about is important to everyday life!

Culture and Diversity

Students play in the first person as 14 different characters who vary in age from 9 months to 80 years, as well as range in gender, race, and nationality. By taking on the perspectives of their characters, students experience human development concepts and theories—as well as real-world problems and situations—through the eyes of others, developing skills related to understanding others’ motivations, intentions, and behaviors.

Higher-Level Assessment

In addition to completing content-related objectives during game play, follow-up higher-level assessment is available for each of the 14 quests. Instructors can choose from 17 multiple choice and three short-answer questions to assign and assess students’ understanding of content applied during the game play experience.

Course Offerings

Included with Connect when using a McGraw Hill textbook at no additional charge in:

Want to enhance your course with Quest: Journey Through the Lifespan?