Research for Number Worlds:​ Math Intervention Program​

Research-Proven Math Intervention for Grades PreK–8​

College and career readiness today requires a solid mathematical foundation. Based on the findings from field tests, effectiveness studies, education research, and research around how children learn, Number Worlds® and Building Blocks® are proven as effective curriculum intervention solutions to bring students struggling in mathematics up to par with their peers in math literacy and fluency.​

Results with Number Worlds

Rigorous field testing shows that students who began at a disadvantage surpassed the performance of students who began on level with their peers, simply with the help of the Number Worlds program. A longitudinal study, measuring the progress of three groups of children from the beginning of Kindergarten to the end of Grade 2, demonstrates the program's efficacy.

Results with Building Blocks

Building Blocks software, embedded in the Number Worlds program, is the result of National Science Foundation-funded research. Building Blocks includes online activities and an adaptive assignment engine that guides children through research-based learning trajectories. In research studies, Building Blocks software was shown to increase children's knowledge of essential mathematical concepts and skills. One study tested Building Blocks against a comparable math program and a no- treatment control group. All classrooms were randomly assigned – the "gold standard" of scientific evaluation.