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Learn how to navigate Connect, complete proctored assignments, track your progress, and more! Let us help you get the most out of Connect.

Looking for Connect Support?

Below are videos and guides for the most common Connect student support topics. Please contact us if you can’t find what you need, and our team will be happy to assist.

Getting Started

Use these resources to get up and running with Connect.

Connect Access Code and Purchase FAQFind answers to common questions about Connect access codes and purchasing options.

View the Connect Access Codes and Purchase FAQ Page

How to Navigate ConnectLearn how to navigate the Connect home page and course menu.

Visit the How to Navigate Connect Page

Adding Connect Tablet App to iOS & Android Tablet DevicesLearn how to add the Connect tablet app to your iOS or Android tablet device.

Visit the Connect Tablet App Page

Connect Student Accessibility TipsUse this how-to guide to learn how to navigate Connect using accessibility tools and resources.

Visit the Student Accessibility Tips Page

Where to go for help with ConnectNeed technical support for Connect? Our digital support team is here to help.

Visit the Where to Go for Connect Help Page

Register for ConnectIf your instructor gave you a URL to register for your course, follow these instructions to get up and running in Connect. If not, please contact your instructor for your registration instructions.

View Standalone Connect Student Registration Page

Completing Assignments

Learn how to easily complete assignments and track your progress.

Completing Connect AssignmentsLearn how to find and complete your Connect assignments.

Visit the Completing Connect Assignments Page

SmartBook 2.0: Grading and Recharge for Students Learn how to view your SmartBook grades and how to use recharge mode for further studying.

Visit the SmartBook 2.0: Grading and Recharge for Students Page

Viewing your grades in ConnectLearn how to view your grades and track your progress within Connect.

Visit the Viewing Your Grades in Connect Page

Completing a Writing Assignment

Learn how to complete a Writing Assignment in Connect, utilizing the functionality of grammar and originality checker, and Peer Review

Visit the Completing a Writing Assignment Page

Completing Proctored Assignments

We’ve got everything you need to know about proctored assignments.

Proctorio Student Orientation Learn about the Proctorio student experience, including purchase, setup options, and proctored assignment checks.

Visit the Proctorio Student Orientation Page

Connect and Proctorio Student User GuideReview this guide to get started with Proctorio, add the browser extension, and complete proctored assignments.

Visit the Connect and Proctorio User Guide page

Accessing the eBook

Did you know that your Connect course automatically includes an eBook? Don’t miss out on this additional study tool.

eBook in Connect User GuideLearn how to navigate the eBook, take notes, build study guides, and download the ReadAnywhere app.

Visit the eBook in Connect User Guide Page

Use the ReadAnywhere appLearn how the free ReadAnywhere app can help you study anytime, anywhere on your smartphone.

Visit the ReadAnywhere App Page

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