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Connect Access Code and Purchase FAQ

Get the answers you're looking for in this easy-to-use FAQ document that covers commonly asked questions about Connect access codes and purchasing options, including topics about temporary access, retaking a course, and refunds.

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Connect Access Code and Purchase FAQ

What is the difference between an Online Access Code and an Access Card?

  • An online access code can be purchased directly from McGraw Hill’s website at
  • An access card is a physical card that contains an access code. Students would need to purchase the access card from the campus bookstore. If a student is using financial aid, they will need a printed access card, as McGraw Hill does not accept financial aid directly.

What are all my Connect purchasing options?

  • Purchase an online access code from
  • Purchase an access card from the bookstore.
  • Purchase directly from your Connect course.
  • Students can utilize our temporary access to receive a two-week free trial.
  • If I opt for Temporary Access, how can I upgrade to full access once I purchase my access code?

  • When accessing your Connect course during the two weeks on temporary access, you will receive the below prompt. When you select ‘Yes, purchase access, it will bring you back to the course materials purchasing page.

If I completed assignments while on Temporary Access, will the grades transfer when I upgrade to full access?

  • Definitely! When your temporary access runs out, your account information and all your work is retained. When you purchase access, you will be able to continue working on course material.
  • However, if there is a gap between when your temporary access runs out and when you purchase, you will NOT be able to go back and complete any assignments due during the gap period. You will need to contact your instructor regarding those assignments.

I purchased a used copy of the textbook for my course. Will an access code come with that text?

  • Most likely not, unless the used copy includes an unused access code. You will need to purchase an access code through one of the three purchasing options mentioned above.

I purchased an access code last semester but am now retaking the course; can I reuse the same access code?

  • Most Connect access codes provide 180 day access. In some instances, you may have a course with 360 day access. In order to determine the length of time remaining on your access, navigate to the main menu on your Connect home page and follow the steps below.
  1. Navigate to the Menu in Connect Course
  2. Click on your Profile
  3. Click on My Account

I purchased the wrong product. How do I get a refund?

I am trying to purchase an eBook from and I’m not sure which purchasing option to select.

  • We have multiple options for materials at varying price points. If your instructor is assigning homework, you will want to select the digital tab below. You will purchase Connect, which includes an eBook. If you just need an eBook, you would navigate to the Print/eBook tab.

How do I purchase a loose-leaf version of the textbook?

  • We have multiple options for materials at varying price points. Go to and search for your textbook. Choose your version. Check that you selected the correct edition and then scroll down to Purchase Options. Select the Print/Ebook tab and click Buy Now under Loose-Leaf.
  • You can then complete your purchase by going to your cart.

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