What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning technology does more than offer varied digital experiences. A truly adaptive platform personalizes learning—in real time—to the student's activity, performance, and level of understanding.

Higher Education Adaptive Technology at McGraw Hill

Adaptive Learning and Course Management

Adaptive learning within McGraw Hill Connect uses market-leading technology that delivers a more personalized, productive, and accessible learning experience for students and instructors. Using advanced learning science principles that pinpoint what students know and what they don’t know, Connect's adaptive learning assignments foster more productive learning – helping students better prepare for class so that instructors can focus on more advanced instruction.

Building Skills for the Real World

Connect Master takes students beyond knowledge mastery, into practicing real-world skills and tasks. This adaptive learning environment teaches students foundational knowledge with "just-in-time" learning resources. The immersive and practical assessments allow students to demonstrate their newly personalized knowledge.

Adaptive Learning for Math

With a focus on mathematics, ALEKS pinpoints what your students already know, what they don't, and—most importantly—what they're ready to learn next. Rooted in research and analytics, and with a deep commitment to equity and accessibility, ALEKS ensures improved outcomes for all student groups. Optimize your time to create greater student engagement and easier topic mastery in math.

What is truly adaptive technology?

The benefits of true adaptive learning platforms are felt by students, instructors, and authors:

  • Students' engagement and retention is maximized as they receive the right content at the right time.
  • Students stay intentionally focused and motivated while gaining confidence through the right amount of challenge.
  • Instructors quickly adapt their instruction based on real-time analytics on where their students are struggling.
  • Content authors continually refine their materials as they learn how students respond and engage.

All of this is only possible if the learning technology is based on powerful data capable of influencing instruction, adaptive learning, and agile authoring.

The result? Unmatched adaptive learning technology and platforms that help you understand your students as they learn, and allow you to provide them with continuously improving resources.

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