Arizona State University: Students save $1 M in tuition

March 5, 2019

In 2013 Arizona State University (ASU) identified a growing trend of more students placing into their lower-level mathematics courses. While ASU was dedicated to supporting these students, they were also concerned that the growing amount of students being placed in the lower-level math course was not translating into success. Pass rates at around 60% meant that many students were stalling in the lower-level course, unable to reach the college Algebra course and paying extra tuition and course fee dollars at the same time.

ASU instructors began to search for new learning tools that could help improve placement and help students in the lower-level math course progress more effectively.

Download the Arizona State University case study and see how in just one semester McGraw-Hill's ALEKS math program helped ASU students improve their pass rates and save in tuition and course fees.