College Students Are Pressed for Time and Need More Hours to Study!

Published September 29, 2017

By Jim Connely, McGraw-Hill

Every student who takes an Anatomy & Physiology course is pressed for time and needs to study anywhere and anytime it is convenient.

I have worked in the Anatomy & Physiology discipline for the past fifteen years, and I have observed students who range from a newly graduated high school student to a returning student sixty years young. Three common themes stand out to me about learning Anatomy & Physiology today. First, anatomy & physiology is a difficult course that demands consistent time and attention from each student. Second, every student has a mobile phone and they use it often. Third, students need to optimize their study time to manage the demands of school, family, friends, and in many cases work.

At McGraw-Hill, we believe that learning changes everything, and that learning should be portable. We make a wide range of products from the traditional print textbook to a state-of-the-art cadaver dissection website and mobile applications that can be accessed on a smart phone.

These are exciting times in education because leveraging technology allows for amazing opportunities with mobile learning. I regularly use apps on my phone and tablet. One of my favorite new apps is StudyWise™. StudyWise™ uses cutting-edge algorithms designed by our team of data scientists to create a personalized learning experience. StudyWise™ takes the former flashcard-style approach of studying to a whole new level! Our adaptive study engine is now available on a smart phone even when it’s offline, which means students can access StudyWise™ without an internet connection.

The StudyWise™ app for Anatomy & Physiology was designed to help students learn the content at their own pace and with maximum efficiency. It can be used in “targeted” or “review” mode. In targeted mode, you choose the topic and StudyWise dynamically assesses your knowledge and directs you to specific content that needs further study. In review mode, the app gives you the chance to reinforce the content you’ve already studied, ensuring you have mastered it in time for the next big quiz or test.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this product is the fact that students can use it during a work break, on a train, waiting for coffee, right before class – anytime and anywhere. Just not while you are driving! This allows students to get more time to study with StudyWise™!

StudyWise™ is available for iOS via the App Store and for Android via Google Play. Whether you are using a McGraw-Hill solution or not, StudyWise™ can help your students prepare for their next quiz or exam.

If you have questions about The StudyWise™ or any of our other products, please feel free to contact me directly at