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ALEKS + Math = Higher Success Rates

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Featured Case Studies

Columbus State Community College Student

ALEKS helped Columbus State Community College close equity gaps

Brianna is one of countless underrepresented students who have benefited from ALEKS. In her College Algebra Corequisite course, she played a part in closing a 12-point achievement gap between white and Black students.

Check out their redesign initiatives 

ALEKS helped an additional 670 students pass at ASU

In Fall 2016, Arizona State University saw an increase of 670 more students pass College Algebra compared to Fall 2015. In just one semester, students saved over $1,000,000 in tuition and course fees! Watch the video to see their story.

Read the Case Study 

Additional Success Stories

students at desks

Camden County College

An ALEKS Personalization Story

Professor Jackson saw students spending hours on assignments while still underperforming on exams, and she wants to provide support for every student in the personalized way that they require in order to succeed.

See how she did it here

Washington State University

An ALEKS Mastery Story

After implementing ALEKS in the Spring of 2016, professors at WSU saw their passing rates increase by 24% in Precalculus courses.

Read about this and the other changes made here

Clemson University

An ALEKS Flipped Classroom Story

With written explanations, short informative videos, and mastery-based adaptive learning that specifically caters to students, the flipped classroom approach at Clemson University worked to get a 70% pass rate in Precalculus courses.

Read how they implemented ALEKS here

student in library

Colombus State Community College

An ALEKS Underdog Story

Brianna is a graduate of Columbus State Community College. While her future remains bright and successful, her path to graduation was anything but expected.

Click here to read her story

students working on laptop

Utah Valley University

An ALEKS Cost Savings Story

Students at Utah Valley University have saved over $3 Million and countless hours in developmental math courses with ALEKS PPL. This open enrollment institution implemented a 1.0 credit hour placement preparation course which gets students ready to master content in higher level math courses.

Explore other ALEKS PPL stories here

The Stunning Potential to Create Equity

STEMconnector shares new research that examines corporate perspectives on the most pressing needs of the workforce and how adaptive learning products like ALEKS can bridge the gap, building a wider STEM talent pool to meet the needs of a dynamic economy. The report highlights a few successful case studies where schools have implemented the platforms and have seen powerful results to build a larger STEM pipeline.

Download white paper

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students at whiteboard

ALEKS supports preparation and improves retention

ALEKS boosts student confidence through personalized practice and periodic knowledge checks. This dynamic cycle of learning and assessment ensures that students remember topics that they have learned, are better prepared for exams, and are ready for more as they continue into their next course.

Learn More about how ALEKS works