ALEKS Releases

Want the details on what’s new and improved in ALEKS? Review the release notes below!

December 2021

Across Chemistry & Math:

Activate Student Review Mode

Your students can now access their previously completed assignments without impacting their grade, meaning they can use them as study materials and practice tests. NOTE: Turn Review Mode on in your Assignment Settings!

Math Experience

Chem Experience

Combine Content Types in One Assignment

You can now assign questions from ALEKS topics, textbook questions, and videos into a single assignment. By combining sources, you have more flexibility in your assignment builds, and students are able to demonstrate content mastery in fewer assignments.

Math Experience

Chem Experience

Delve Into 3 New Dashboard Tiles & Reports (Pie Progress, Learning Rate, & Activity Time)

The new tiles and corresponding reports are available at the institution level and provide a high-level view of student progress, learning and activity in ALEKS. This on-demand student data allows administrators to identify and report out actionable insights, ensuring no students are being left behind.


Summer 2021

Across Chemistry & Math:

Video Assignments in ALEKS 360

Incorporate even more assignment types into your course design with Video Assignments. Your students can learn material through videos that correlate to your Chapter or Sections from your own textbook as well as other books in Math and you’ll have access to video assignment reporting.

Give Exceptions from the Gradebook

Exceptions (such as edits to due date, time limit, and proctoring) can now be given to multiple students or the entire class right from your Gradebook. The Gradebook Exception badge is also now clickable for all assignments, including Objectives, to provide details about the indicated exception.

Updated Assignment List Functionality and Design

Your Instructor Assignment List has a newly streamlined design and features to improve efficiency including a search bar, the ability to filter by assignment type, and quick access to assignment creation and adjustments such as Copy, Quick Edit, Preview, and Shift Dates.

Improved ebook Experience and Accessibility

The look and experience of the eBook has been improved and now includes accessibility features such as a read-aloud feature. It also includes embedded videos and interactive widgets to create a modern, intuitive experience.

Assignment Creation Updates

Intuitive updates to the Assignment Creation process have been made and new options are available, including an “Assign To” option to allocate the assignment to specific students or groups of students and an updated grading scale feature.

Summer 2021


Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs is a fully online, realistic lab solution that can be used to bridge the gap between lab and lecture. Assigning Chemistry Virtual Labs in ALEKS means your students can be better prepared for lab, more efficient, and retain more of the fundamental skills necessary for a successful laboratory experience.

64 New Topics extending coverage of General, Organic, and Biochemistry classes.

You will be able to assign 64 new topics in ALEKS Objectives, Homework, Tests, and Quizzes. These add healthcare-oriented topics to general chemistry, improve on coverage for organic chemistry and biomolecules, and introduce new coverage of metabolism in 24 new items.

Summer 2021


48 New Statistics Topics (40 Brand New; 8 Newly Updated)

The new and updated topics greatly expand coverage of key content areas such as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, as well as conceptual skills such as identifying bias and understanding how graphs can be misleading. Many new topics include the interactive tools that were released in December (Simulate/Compute Tool, Confidence Interval Tool, Hypothesis Tool) as well as a tool that is new with this release (Multiple Confidence Interval Tool, Box-and-Whisker tool).

May 2021

Across Chemistry & Math:

Gradebook Updates for Specific Students & Groups

New Gradebook badge indicates assignments not assigned to a student and new student display options allow them to filter out assignments not given to them. These options are especially helpful for students who need unique accommodations or for grouped corequisite classes.

Control over Objectives Sharing Start and End Dates

You now have more control over Objectives with shared start and end dates. They will appear to you and your students as separate assignments and will no longer merge as a single entry in your gradebook.

Assign End-of-Chapter Questions in ALEKS 360

Create homework, tests, or quizzes with questions directly aligned to: Overby/Chang: Chemistry, 13e, Sobecki: Math in Our World: A Quantitative Reasoning Approach, 2e, or Sobecki: Math in Our World: A Corequisite Approach, 2e. This option will be available in your usual assignment creation process.

March 2021

Across Chemistry & Math:

Item Analysis Assignment Report Updates

New additions to the Item Analysis Report provide a summary of student success and problem areas on Homework, Tests, and Quizzes. The new features include a graphical visual and also summarize questions that took the longest, required the most attempts, and highlight questions students frequently answered incorrectly.

Revise Dependent Multi-Part Questions

Students can now go back and revise their answers to dependent multi-part questions on tests and quizzes. These are the questions where the student has to submit an answer in order to open the next part.

December 2020

Across Chemistry & Math:

Assignment List

With the single assignment list for adaptive and nonadaptive assignments you can now view all your assignments, including Objectives, in one spot. The ALEKS single assignment list offers greater visibility into all due dates in the course.

Class Creation

New class creation workflow allowing you the option to choose your textbook before the ALEKS course. The textbook can be different than the ALEKS course you select, providing more choice and flexibility in your course content.

Start Dates, Due Dates and Times

Add start and due dates and times for Objectives, allowing more time to build in review Objectives or non-adaptive homework, tests or quizzes.

Prerequisite Assignments

Additional prerequisite assignment options are now available. Help students prioritize their assignments as you enable prerequisites to homework, quizzes and tests. Now you can require an objective before a non-adaptive assignment with a minimal mastery score.

Progress Knowledge Checks

Progress Knowledge checks have been shortened to more efficiently assess the topics students have recently learners. They are up to 25% shorter with impact on their efficacy.

Failed Topics Insight

A new Topics/Students toggle is available in the Failed Topics Insight to allow toggling between two views.

Assignment Reports

Homework, test, and quiz reports are more easily navigable and have been improved with item analysis detail highlighting key insights around time spent, number of attempts, and more.


After Dec 11th, when you copy or create a new course, a new modern design to the ALEKS gradebook will help you do less scrolling and enjoy a more visually appealing menu and intuitive navigation.


Objectives Editor

You now have the option to choose between a Modern View or a Classic View when creating a class. The Modern view offers more customized control over content and pacing.

McGraw Hill Resources

Resources such as solution manuals, lecture PowerPoints, and lecture notes are now available for Higher Education Science instructors in ALEKS 360 classes. (Copyright 2019 and beyond)

GOB Drawing Tool

The new GOB Drawing Toll feature supports Haworth and Fischer projections. With this intuitive drawing tool, it mirrors the drawing action of paper and pencil, reduces the time it takes to draw a biochemical molecule, and improves the student user experience.

Chemistry Content

85 new topics have been added for the GOB 1 Semester course.


Textbook Problems

You now have more flexibility when building non-adaptive assignments and can add problems from your selected textbook in addition to adding problems from ALEKS topics.

Table of Contents

The number of topics available in the ALEKS Introduction to Statistics domain has nearly doubled, providing more support for prerequisites and early statistics content, and includes approximately 30 new and updated topics.