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ALEKS Grading and Class Management

ALEKS has a wide range of grading, reporting, and class management tools to help you easily see how your students are progressing in your course. Choose a topic below to access our resource library to get started.

Find Resources to Assess Your Students' Progress and Use Data to Manage Your Course.

Below are videos and guides for the most common ALEKS instructor support topics related to grading and reporting.
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Setting Up the ALEKS Gradebook

Learn how to set up your ALEKS Gradebook in this overview video.

ALEKS Reports Basics

Get a brief overview of the reports available in ALEKS.

Read the Basics of ALEKS Reporting (PDF)

ALEKS Insights Overview

Use ALEKS Reports and Insights to track student progress and learn meaningful information about topic mastery.

Learn about ALEKS Reports and Insights (PDF)

Instructor-to-Student Email Templates

Use these email templates to send a quick note to your students about ALEKS basics, student check-ins, weighted grades, and their progress in your course.

Get Email Templates (DOC)

ALEKS Class Summary

View the ALEKS Class Summary video to learn how to see specific setting options for your course.

Read about the Class Summary (PDF)

Managing Your ALEKS Course (Weeks 1-3)

Use this guide to manage student registration and progress over the first few weeks of class.

View Guide on Managing Your ALEKS Course (Weeks 1-3) PDF

ALEKS Class Tools

Learn how to access your class tools including the class forum, calendar, resources, and student view.

Read about Class Tools (PDF)

Viewing and Adding Course Resources

Learn how to view or add resources for your course in ALEKS.

Read about Class Resources (PDF)

Creating an ALEKS Video Assignment

Learn how to create a Video Assignment and adjust the settings.

Read about Creating a Video Assignment (PDF)

How to Preview Specific Topics as a Student

Learn how to preview a topic from the student perspective from the instructor interface.

Read about Previewing Specific Topics as a Student (PDF)

Understanding Knowledge Checks

Understand what each Knowledge Check is called, what it does, and when to assign it.

Read about Knowledge Checks (PDF)

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