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Accessible Learning

Why we're committed to making our products accessible to all learners

At McGraw Hill, we're committed to unlocking the potential of all learners.  We believe that the best learning materials should be accessible to students of all abilities, and are building an inclusive culture that considers the needs of every learner from the outset. We achieve this through a comprehensive strategy that starts with planning and research – through employee training and product development –  to ensure that our employees and partners have the interests of all learners in mind when we bring new educational content and technologies to market.

At McGraw Hill, we believe that learning changes everything – and we're committed to breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of students realizing their full potential. Ensuring that our products are accessible to all learners is one of our top priorities, and is central to the design and development of every learning experience we provide.

View video created for the 10th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day that highlights McGraw Hill's approach to accessibility.

How we do it:

We seek to create learning materials that are accessible to all learners.  McGraw Hill is making every effort to ensure that all new educational content and technology follows the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) version 2.1 AA guidelines and best practices. To achieve this and continuously improve the accessibility of our products, our internal product teams regularly engage with external experts and solicit user feedback.

  • We are active participants in the community of accessibility advocates. In addition to developing experiences that meet the recommended guidelines, we are deeply engaged with accessibility advocacy organizations, forums, as well as organizations like the Book Industry Study Group and SIIA to ensure that the software and content we produce is accessible and usable by all learners.
  • We are committed to training every McGraw Hill employee on accessibility best practices. Accessibility is a core part of our design and development efforts across all aspects of our business. We are educating and training our partners and employees on accessibility guidelines to support the development of accessible products.
  • We partner across the education ecosystem to deliver solutions. We recognize that we need to work closely with all of our education partners as we progress towards our collective accessibility goal.  Any time alternate content is requested, we will jointly assess all options together.

How we can help: