Pedagogy for Number Worlds:​ Math Intervention Program​

Prepare Students for Success

Number Worlds provides instruction for students​ who are one to two grade levels behind their peers​ in mathematics. Daily lesson activities emphasize​using communication, logic, reasoning, modeling,​ tools, precision, structure, and patterns to solve​ problems.

The Number Worlds Weekly Planner provides helpful information before lessons begin, making teacher preparation simple and effective.

​Weekly Planners map out the entire week of lessons, complete with Learning Objectives and all of the resources needed to maximize instructional time. Teachers can access all digital planning tools and resources online, making Number Worlds easy-to-use in a variety of educational settings.​

"In our Developmental Program, we love using the Number Worlds Program, because it effectively differentiates instruction to meet the individual academic needs of our students. The materials are easy to use and are highly engaging to all of students across all levels. The use of this program has helped our students to successfully meet their goals and objectives."

-Erika, Intervention Teacher Massachusetts