Language for Learning 2008

Grade Levels: PreK-5

Language for Learning provides young learners with the knowledge and understanding of language they need to achieve proficiency and reading comprehension. This oral language program teaches children the words, concepts, and statements important to both oral and written language, and helps enable them to extend this knowledge to other areas of their development. Designed for kindergarten and primary age school children, as well as ELL learners, Language for Learning gives early students the essential tools and understanding to foster continued educational success!

Language for Learning 2008

The research-proven content of Language for Learning is based on analyses of the words, concepts, and sentence structures that are used for teaching, as well as an analysis of the directions and content of textbooks and other instructional materials in grades K-2.

Features and Benefits:

  • Carefully organized sequences of daily exercises assure varied and thorough instructional delivery.
  • Detailed and easy-to-follow teacher materials maximize instructional time spent with students.
  • Additional resources such as picture cards, skills folders, and support for ELL students extend the program’s effectiveness to a wide range of young learners.
  • Comprehensive tools for performance management, tracking, and assessment promote consistent achievement for all students in the program.
  • A Fast Cycle option allows advanced students to move through the program at an accelerated rate to match their capabilities.

With the addition of technology-based resources for both student instruction and professional development, Language for Learning helps teachers optimize each minute spent in the classroom.