Grades 6–12

Grades 6–12

Getting Started

Program Guides

How to Use the Program

Explore the print teacher's edition, including:

  • Flexibility and Customizable Options
  • Overview and Lesson Planner Pages
  • Wraparound Resources and Activities
  • Differentiation and Scaffolding
  • Projects and Collaborative Activities
  • Culturally Responsive Connections
  • Instructional Pathways

Digital Courseware Overview

Explore digital courseware offerings:

  • Interactive eBooks (Approaching and On-Level)
  • Inquiry Journal Teacher’s Guide
  • SmartBook
  • Spanish Resources
  • Inquiry Journal
  • Videos and Interactive Maps
  • Digital Worksheets and Online Assessments

Program Tutorial Videos

Digital Overview Learn how to navigate the teacher dashboard and discover core and ancillary resources.

Smartbook Take a closer look at Smartbook, the adaptive, personalized student eBook that closes knowledge gaps by identifying learning needs.

Inquiry Journal Explore the Inquiry Journal, designed to extend the inquiry process with new Compelling Questions and a diverse range of additional primary and secondary sources.

Current Events Articles Make history relevant with up-to-date current events articles from BTW and Election Central.

Teacher Planning Learn how to customize presentations by adding or removing videos, images, timelines, eBooks, and differentiation strategies to meet your classes’ learning needs and interests.

Assignments See how to use the gradebook, navigate assignments and class rosters, and emulate student accounts.

Assessments Learn how to select and customize assessments based on class needs.