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  • Extraordinary flexibility in resources.
  • Creating and delivering dynamic lessons.
  • Engaging students with interactive content.
  • Fulfilling your instructional History-Social Science vision.
  • More features coming spring, 2018.

Recommended courses:
Grade 11, United States History & Geography: Continuity & Change
Grade 12, Principles of Economics

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Once you log in, we recommend starting your review with Grade 11, Chapter 12. Then, take a look at the grade levels and chapters of your choice.

This is a sample of a chapter that will show you all of the finalized digital and interactive technology. What you see in this chapter is reflective of the final version that will be completed for all digital content prior to Fall of 2018.

Learn About IMPACT Online

IMPACT: California Social Studies Online resources include cutting-edge technology that gives you the power to teach to each student and connect curriculum to students’ everyday lives.

Robust Digital Resources

Explore dynamic digital resources to teach with impact, effectively manage your classroom, and pinpoint individual learning needs.

HS Program Overview

Discover how IMPACT supports the CA H-SS Framework shifts.

Navigating Your Teacher Dashboard

Review this step-by-step video on how to navigate your Teacher Dashboard.

Using revolutionary adaptive technology, LearnSmart builds a personalized reading experience to help students learn faster and study more efficiently.

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Review LearnSmart online:

  1. Log in to IMPACT Online using the credentials provided above.
  2. Select a course to review.
  3. On your Chapter Landing Page, search for the section “Adaptive Learning.”
  4. Click on the tile to launch LearnSmart
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Connect history and social sciences to student’s everyday lives through short, daily reading and writing assignments with SyncBlasts. This engaging social-media type of platform inspires students to think critically about high interest topics.

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To learn more about our national social studies program, McGraw Hill networks ©2018, visit

Recommended Courses:

World History & Geography: Modern Times cover

Grade 10, World History & Geography: Modern Times

United States Government: Our Democracy cover

Grade 12, United States Government: Our Democracy

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