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Training Resources for SmartBook® 2.0

Welcome to the training course for SmartBook 2.0! The resources below will walk you through how to incorporate SmartBook 2.0 into your class. From basic assignment tips to best practices for using reports, we’ll help you every step of the way.

SmartBook 2.0 Overview

Learn about SmartBook 2.0 and how it tracks student progress and activity.

Visit the SmartBook 2.0 Overview Page

SmartBook 2.0 User Guide

Learn how to build and assign SmartBook 2.0 adaptive reading assignments and use SmartBook 2.0 reports.

Visit the SmartBook 2.0 User Guide Page

SmartBook 2.0 Master Class
Listen to this pre-recorded session to learn how Professor Elizabeth Mays uses SmartBook 2.0 to help her students be more prepared and remediate the knowledge gap.

Assigning SmartBook 2.0

Discover how to create assignments using SmartBook 2.0.

Watch Video on Assigning SmartBook 2.0 (4:25)

SmartBook 2.0 Reports in Connect

Learn how to use SmartBook 2.0 reports to understand your course data.

Visit the SmartBook 2.0 Reports Page

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