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Training Resources for New ALEKS Users

Welcome! The resources on this page will walk you through how to log into your course, set up your gradebook, build your course, and much more.   If you prefer live support, we’d be happy to set up personalized 1-to-1  time with our implementation team. Just click on the button below to send an email with a few details about your needs and your term’s start date. 


The Basics

Instructor Login and Navigation InstructionsLearn how to login and navigate your ALEKS instructor account. Use reports, insights, and a class dashboard to enhance your course. Set up your course to fit your needs.

Getting Support with ALEKSLearn how to access student support in ALEKS for all registration and technical support questions.

Read How to Access ALEKS Help (PDF)

ALEKS Class SummaryView the ALEKS Class Summary video to learn how to see specific setting options for your course.

ALEKS Class ToolsLearn how to access your class tools including the class forum, calendar, resources, and student view.

Setting Up the ALEKS GradebookLearn how to set up your ALEKS Gradebook in this overview video.

Sync with your Learning Management System (LMS) Learn how to sync ALEKS with your LMS.

Select your LMS and Watch the How-to Video


Building Your Course

Overview of Course OptionsDiscover how to build the perfect course for your students.

Best Practices for Student Progress and PacingUse these 4 strategies to keep your students motivated and on schedule throughout their ALEKS coursework.

Read about Best Practices for Student Progress and Pacing (PDF)

Understanding Knowledge ChecksUnderstand what each Knowledge Check is called, what it does, and when to assign it.

Read about Knowledge Checks (PDF)

Managing Exceptions and ExtensionsEasily manage assignment exceptions and extensions in ALEKS with these simple instructions.

Read How to Manage Exceptions and Extensions (PDF)

Non-Adaptive Assignments in ChemistryLearn how to create a non-adaptive assignment in ALEKS for Chemistry.

Non-Adaptive Assignments for ALEKS MathLearn how to create a non-adaptive assignment in ALEKS.

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