Professional Development Series Book 4 The Workplace: Chart Your Career
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Get Started

1.1 Researching Jobs and Careers

1.2 Writing a Resume

1.3 Promoting Yourself

1.4 Networking

1.5 Interviewing with Confidence

Chapter 2: At Work: Turning a Job into a Career

2.1 Setting Benchmarks

2.2 Recognizing and Seizing Opportunities

2.3 Broadening Knowledge and Skills

2.4 Staying on the Right Track

2.5 Moving Up: Achieving Greater Influence and Respect

Chapter 3: Maintain Your Career

3.1 Creating a Professional Reputation

3.2 Building and Maintaining a Network

3.3 Professional Pride: Taking and Giving Credit and Recognition

3.4 Using Your Experience

3.5 Working to Live vs. Living to Work: Planning for the Long Run