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– Every chapter is devoted to a Personal Finance theme, with topics that include Payroll and the Cost of Purchasing a Home.
– There is extensive integration of scientific calculator notation, and also has the Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger news clips that have been widely popular.

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Table of Contents

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CHAPTER 1 Problem Solving with Math
CHAPTER 2 Fractions
CHAPTER 3 Percents and Their Applications
CHAPTER 4 Solving for the Unknown
CHAPTER 5 Business Statistics
CHAPTER 6 Banking and Budgeting
CHAPTER 7 Payroll and Income Tax
CHAPTER 8 Sales, Excise, and Property Taxes
CHAPTER 9 Risk Management
CHAPTER 10 Installment Buying and Revolving Charge Credit Cards
CHAPTER 11 Discounts: Trade and Cash
CHAPTER 12 Markups and Markdowns: Perishables and Breakeven Analysis
CHAPTER 13 How to Read, Analyze, and Interpret Financial Reports
CHAPTER 14 Depreciation
CHAPTER 15 Inventory and Overhead
CHAPTER 16 Simple Interest
CHAPTER 17 Promissory Notes, Simple Discount Notes, and the Discount Process
CHAPTER 18 The Cost of Home Ownership
CHAPTER 19 Compound Interest and Present Value
CHAPTER 20 Annuities and Sinking Funds
CHAPTER 21 Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds