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Table of Contents

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Part I Introduction

Chapter 1 Thinking Like an Economist

Chapter 2 Comparative Advantage

Chapter 3 Supply and Demand

Part II Competition and the Invisible Hand

Chapter 4 Demand and Elasticity

Chapter 5 Perfectly Competitive Supply

Chapter 6 Efficiency, Exchange, and the Invisible Hand in Action

Part III Market Imperfections

Chapter 7 Monopoly, Oligopoly, and Monopolistic Competition

Chapter 8 Games and Strategic Behavior

Chapter 9 Externalities and Property Rights

Part IV Economics of Public Policy

Chapter 10 Using Economics to Make Better Policy Decisions

Part V Macroeconomics: Data and Issues

Chapter 11 Spending, Income and GDP

Chapter 12 Inflation and the Price Level

Chapter 13 Wages and Unemployment

Part VI The Economy in the Long Run

Chapter 14 Economic Growth

Chapter 15 Saving, Capital Formation, and Financial Markets

Chapter 16 Money, Prices, and the Financial System

Part VII The Economy in the Short Run

Chapter 17 Short-Term Economic Fluctuations

Chapter 18 Spending, Output, and Fiscal Policy

Chapter 19 Monetary Policy and The Federal Reserve

Chapter 20 Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Stabilization Policy

Part VIII The International Economy

Chapter 21 Exchange Rates, International Trade, and Capital Flows