Innovating Lean Six Sigma: A Strategic Guide to Deploying the World's Most Effective Business Improvement Process
Table of Contents

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Acknowledgments ix
Introduction: The Tao of Lean Six Sigma xi

Part 1: Firing on All Cylinders: Building a Strong Foundation for a High-Functioning Lean Six Sigma Initiative 1
Chapter 1: What’s First?: The Big Four Questions that Shape a Deployment 3
Chapter 2: Bolstering Leadership Support 19
Chapter 3: Got Culture? 37
Chapter 4: Measuring Progress and Success 55
Chapter 5: The Art and Science of Project Selection and Pipeline Management 77
Chapter 6: “How Are We Doing?”: Using a Maturity Model Assessment to Evaluate Where You Are and Where You Should Go Next 97

Part 2: Next Steps: The Smart Way to Tackle Bigger Problems, Use More Sophisticated Methods, and Push the Culture to the Next Level 117
Chapter 7: Voices You Want to Hear: Developing Deeper Insights into Customer Needs 123
Chapter 8: Business Process Management: Building a Strong Foundation for Implementing a Culture of Improvement 143
Chapter 9: Quick Fixes for Big Issues: Enterprise kaizen 161
Chapter 10: Linking Top to Bottom: Using Hoshin Planning for Strategy Deployment 181
Chapter 11: Solving Analysis Challenges with Specialized Tools 197
Chapter 12: Starting from Scratch: When and How to Use Product and Process Design Methodologies 219
Chapter 13: T he Healthcare Frontier: Making Progress Despite the Challenges 247

Appendix A: A Complete Maturity Model 261
Index 275