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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part I: Security and Controls
Chapter 1. Applying Security
Chapter 2. Applying Interactive Controls
Chapter 3. Applying Process Controls
Part II: Hacking the System
Chapter 4. Local Access Control
Chapter 5. Data Networks Security
Chapter 6. Unconventional Data Attack Vectors
Chapter 7. Voice over IP
Chapter 8. Wireless Networks
Chapter 9. Input/Output Devices
Chapter 10. RFID--Radio Frequency Identification
Chapter 11. Emanation Attacks
Chapter 12. Trusted Computing
Part III: Hacking the Users
Chapter 13. Web Application Hacking
Chapter 14. Mail Services
Chapter 15. Name Services
Part IV: Care and Maintenance
Chapter 16. Reliability: Static Analysis of C Code
Chapter 17. Security Tweaks in the Linux Kernal
Part V: Appendixes
Appendix A. Management and Maintenance
Appendix B. Linux Forensics and Data Recovery
Appendix C. BSD