Bridge and Highway Structure Rehabilitation and Repair
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Preface; Acknowledgments; Symbols, Notations, and Terminology; Section 1: Administrative Issues; Chapter 1. Overview of Bridge Engineering; Chapter 2. Diagnostic Design and Selective Reconstruction; Chapter 3. Bridge Failure Studies and Safety Engineering; Section 2: Strengthening and Repair Work; Chapter 4. An Analytical Approach to Fracture and Failure; Chapter 5. Load and Resistance Factor Rating and Redesign; Chapter 6. Applications of Bridge Design and Rating Methods; Chapter 7. Bridge Widening and Deck Replacement Strategy; Section 3: Repair and Retrofit Methods; Chapter 8. Inspection, Rating and Health Monitoring Techniques; Chapter 9. Conventional Repair Methods; Chapter 10. Concrete Repair Methods; Chapter 11. Advanced Repair Methods; Chapter 12. Protection of Bridges against Extreme Events; Appendix 1. Scour Countermeasures; Appendix 2. Estimate of Unit Concrete Repair Costs (2009); Appendix 3. Quick Reference to AASHTO LRFD 2008 Specifications Appendix 4. Quick Reference to AASHTO LRFR Manual; Index