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Depending on how Tegrity is deployed on campus, Tegrity extends a variety of Training and Support Options.

Tegrity Campus use through Licensed Enterprise Deployments

Tegrity Enterprise Training

For our Tegrity Enterprise Customer, we internally refer to our Tegrity Smart Start Deployment Services as a “Recipe for Success”. During your onboarding, we’ll provide web-based Basic Admin, Help-Desk and New User Training to support the quickest deployment possible and to provide your team with the foundation and tools needed to move forward confidently. Additionally, our Tegrity Integration professionals will work with your Administrators to fully integrate, and satisfactorily test your real-time LMS integrations.

Tegrity Enterprise Support

Campus Administrators

For institutions licensing Tegrity as an enterprise solution, for either Departmental or Campus wide initiatives, Tegrity extends Tier 2 Support for up to three local campus Administrators. Local campus Tegrity Administrators would be responsible for supporting your faculty and students. Enterprise customers may contact our Tegrity Support Team via Email, phone or WebChat Monday-Friday, from 9 AM to 9 PM EST.

Administrators can request help through their Institution’s Tegrity Admin Dashboard. Click here for instructions.

Students and Instructors

Students and Instructors are asked contact your institution’s help desk for assistance with Tegrity. You can also request assistance from within your Tegrity account. Click here for instructions.

Additionally, for all Tegrity Enterprise users we provide a Tegrity self-service support portal which is available 24/7. Access to our self-service portal is provided below.

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Tegrity use through McGraw-Hill Connect Classes

McGraw-Hill Connect Tegrity Training

Instructors using Tegrity through McGraw-Hill Connect are asked to work with their local McGraw-Hill Learning Technology Representatives (LTR) for learning how to best leverage Tegrity within their Connect courses to maximize student success.

McGraw-Hill Connect Tegrity Support

Individual instructors and students utilizing Tegrity as part of their McGraw-Hill Connect classes may reach out to our McGraw-Hill Customer Experience Group (CXG) Support. CXG will provide both web and phone-based support for all their Connect support needs.

Our CXG Team may be contacted here.

McGraw-Hill Connect users may also access our CXG Success Academy Recordings to learn more about using Tegrity here.