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Inclusive Access Tips

My students are getting prompted for a code or payment, what should I do?

If you are part of the Inclusive Access program and your students are getting prompted for a code or payment, please contact CXG or your Learning Technology Representative to initiate an investigation into the issue then instruct your students to utilize the Courtesy Access option available on the payment screen.

What is Courtesy Access?

Courtesy Access is a feature that provides students with 14 day access to the materials until they:

  • Purchase access through McGraw-Hill payment screen
  • Purchase a code and enter the code on the McGraw-Hill payment screen
  • Inclusive Access is made available for the section in which they are accessing

All work completed during the 14 day courtesy access period is saved and they can resume the course once gaining access via the three ways listed above.

For more information about the benefits of Connect’s Courtesy Access click here.

How does a student upgrade from courtesy access?

Students can upgrade by following one of the below instructions

Best Practices

  1. When creating your Connect account in order to minimize any disruption in Inclusive Access please use the email associated with the institution in which you are teaching the course.
  2. To provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for your students and to allow grade synchronization between Connect and your LMS, pair your LMS course with your Connect course. 
  3. If you are teaching at multiple institutions refrain from using Connect accounts associated with other institutions. You should refer to Best Practice #1 and create Connect accounts using emails tied to each institution you are teaching at.