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We are pleased to share that McGraw-Hill Education has acquired Redbird Advanced Learning, LLC, bringing together two great companies that are focused on delivering effective and engaging personalized programs for K-12 students and educators.

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What is the McGraw-Hill Education Supplier Portal?

The new MHE Accounts Payable Supplier Portal is an easy to use, fully self-service tool that allows users to create a unique Supplier profile. Using the Supplier Portal, users will be able to view and update their account, such as contact and company information, supplier type, industry code, banking information, as well as relevant company tax forms directly sourced from the IRS. Additionally, Suppliers will be able to view the status of their invoices and payment details. The Portal also provides a direct link to the MHE Accounts Payable Helpdesk if there are any questions.

Benefits of MHE Supplier Portal:

  • Ability to add or modify their account, such as address, contact information, banking and remittance information.
  • Eliminates the paper submission of sensitive tax and banking form. These will now be entered directly by the Supplier into the Portal and validated by the IRS and US Department of Treasury.
  • Elimination of live checks, lost or damaged, payments are now received in a faster, more efficient, and secure manner.
  • Other validations include, USPS address and OFAC watch list.
  • Up to date transaction level status of invoice and payments.
  • Ability to contact the Accounts Payable Department with inquiries about status and/or request stop payments on lost checks.

How to register/sign up for the MHE Supplier Portal:

Registration to the MHE Supplier Portal is by invitation only, and is required for any company or individual that is interested in doing business with McGraw-Hill Education. Although the invitation process is simple for our employees to complete, we request that the registration is completed by your Billing/Receivable Departments. This is because the representative(s) from the Billing/Receivable Departments will have the majority of the information needed to register within the system. The representative(s) from either department will also be the most frequent user(s) in the system, therefore highly benefiting those user(s) to be the main contact for the registration process. Please access the portal directly at

Contractor TalentSource


As of June 2016, McGraw-Hill Education implemented a Vendor Management System (VMS), Fieldglass, and a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Agile-1, to assist MHE With our contingent labor program. Please note this is only for contingent labor, not goods. The new MSP process and VMS tool will affect traditional temporary workers, suppliers, and independent contractors/freelancers. This solution will enhance our current process of managing contingent workers. For current partners of MHE, expect to receive further information directly from MHE or Agile-1 in the upcoming months to begin the onboarding process.


Traditional Temporary: We are in process of onboarding Traditional Temporary suppliers. You will receive communication from Agile-1 if you are selected to be part of the program.

Suppliers: Starting in June 2016, MHE and Agile-1 will work together to onboard Suppliers to Fieldglass. Please be responsive to communications you may receive from MHE or our partners at Agile-1.

Independent Contractors/Freelancers: Starting in June 2016, MHE and Agile-1 will work together to classify Independent Contractors and onboard them to Fieldglass. Please be responsive to communications you may receive from MHE or our partners at Agile-1.

You will receive more detailed information from MHE and Agile-1 as you begin the onboarding process.

Questions: Any questions please direct to them to the Agile-1 team at

Ariba Network Information

What is Ariba Network?

The Ariba Network(AN) is a business-to-business e-commerce application that streamlines the overall procurement process with suppliers and improves the invoice to payment cycle by faster invoice reconciliation leading to on-time payments. Using the AN is MHE's preferred way of doing business. Suppliers will receive MHE contracts and/or purchase orders electronically, which they are then able to invoice against. Suppliers have the ability to track invoices and payment status over the AN.

How to join the Ariba Network?

To join the Ariba Network (AN), please go to and choose "Register as a New Supplier" to register. The registration process only takes a few minutes. Once registered, you will receive an ANID#, which is a unique identification number specifically assigned to your business by Ariba. Please record this number for future reference and add this to your MHE supplier profile so that we can begin to transact with you electronically. For your reference, here are step by step instructions on the registration process. If you need additional assistance, please contact Ariba Network’s Customer Support Team at 1-866-218-2155.

Contact Info

Ariba Network’s Customer Support Team: 1-866-218-2155

Suppliers on Ariba Network

For Ariba Network information for suppliers already registered on the AN, click here.