Foundational Skills Kits

Overview of Foundational Skills Kits

Laying Strong Foundations for Strong Readers​

Foundational skills are critical as they lay the groundwork for academic and overall future success. Foundational Skills Kits provide research-based instruction and classroom-tested tools to help every student master these essential skills.​

  • Grade K prepares the foundation for reading with phonemic awareness, concepts of print, and the alphabetic principle.​
  • Grade 1 builds upon this foundation with sound-spelling correspondences and spelling strategy development.​
  • Grades 2 and 3 reinforce and expand upon fluency, decoding, and encoding skills for automatic recognition.

Components for Foundational Skills Kits

Grade K

Instructional Resources

Student Components

Kit Resources

  • Alphabet Wall Cards​
  • Small-Group Alphabet Sound Cards​
  • Individual Alphabet Sound Cards (4 sets)​
  • High-Frequency Flash Cards​
  • Pre-Decodable & Decodable Take-home BLM​
  • Magnetic Letters​
  • Pocket Chart​
  • Individual Pocket Chart​
  • Pocket Chart Picture Cards​
  • Pocket Chart Word Cards
  • Lion Puppet​
  • Alphabet Letter Cards (upper & lowercase)​
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Board​
  • Alphabet Little Book​
  • Pickled Peppers Little Book​
  • Letter Cubes​
  • English Learner Photo Cards​
  • Alphabet Sound Stickers​

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Alphabet Sound Cards
31 color-coded cards: 21 consonants, 5 long vowels, 5 short vowels. ​Three sizes: Individual, Small-Group, Wall Card​. Digital cards recite the sound card story and each picture illustrates a motion.

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Pre-Decodable and Decodable Stories
14 Core Pre-Decodable
28 core decodable stories
Available in print and digital format.

Teacher Components

Components available in both print and digital format

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Teacher’s Guide
Every lesson provides differentiated instruction for phonics, fluency, vocabulary and language development, and word analysis.

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Teacher Resource Book
Lesson-by-lesson instructional support for at-risk and English learners. Implemented during small-group.

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Skills Practice BLM
Practice alphabetic knowledge, phonemic awareness, and phonics.

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Assessment BLM
Measure alphabetic knowledge, phonemic awareness, and phonics.

Sample Program Online

Get a sample of Foundational Skills Kits Open Court Reading. Discover new ideas, lessons, and strategies to improve literacy skills.