Program Overview

Inspired 6–12 Core ELA Curriculum

Today’s students are continually accessing and sharing information, communicating on multiple platforms, and consuming and creating diverse forms of media. StudySync® engages these digitally-connected students with media-rich learning experiences, real-world topics, and a direct read-write connection while giving teachers flexible instructional tools to teach the literature they love.

  • An ever-growing library of digital resources piques students’ curiosity and keeps teachers on the cutting-edge of changing educational expectations.

  • Differentiated instruction, relevant fiction and nonfiction, plus engaging multimedia tools challenge and support students of all learning levels and styles.

  • Lesson plans target close reading, analysis and argumentation, and daily writing practice while sparking curiosity and imagination.

  • Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar embedded into every lesson connect to reading assignments.

StudySync Brings English Language Arts to Life

Features That Engage

StudySync Library

  • Ever-Expanding Library of Selections

    Over 1,500 literary and informational texts and excerpts, including full-length works, Spanish titles, drama, poetry, and more.

  • Award-Winning Videos

    StudySync® TV episodes provide short, scripted videos that model student collaboration and academic discussion.

StudySync Blasts

  • Blasts

    Social media-like writing assignments for ELA called “Blasts” encourage students to research topics, share opinions, and write anonymous peer reviews that provide timely feedback and improve comprehension.

    Coming SoonSyncBlasts™ —Blasts and multimedia resources platform designed for your social studies programs.

    Learn more about SyncBlasts

Differentiated Resources to Reach Every Student

Differentiation tools and resources are built into every lesson and are designed to help all levels of readers—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—access critical, core content. English learner support within StudySync allows students to:

  • Interact with ELA content in meaningful ways through collaboration.
  • Understand how to use the English language in written and spoken form.
  • Use English purposefully to inform, persuade, and entertain.

Targeted Assessment

Assessment is an important tool that helps students take ownership of their learning. StudySync provides multiple means for formative, standards-based assessment of student skills and formative evaluation of development over time. This collaborative learning platform includes self-assessment and anonymous online peer review to inform instruction and advance learning, as well as automatic grading of certain lesson types and teacher review features.


Experience the new embedded Gradebook which provides an easy-to-view format for analyzing how students are doing on assignments, as well as a Standards Report capturing how often a standard was covered in assignments. Progress Monitoring has never been easier!