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LearnSmart® Teaching Technology

LearnSmart® + SmartBook® for Grades 6-12

Increased reading productivity and better knowledge retention are achievable through the integration of LearnSmart® with SmartBook®. LearnSmart is an online interactive, adaptive study tool that assesses a student’s proficiency and knowledge within a specific course, tracks which topics have been mastered, and identifies areas that need more study. SmartBook is an intelligent eBook that applies the adaptive technology of LearnSmart to the content of a course. The result is the first and only reading experience that presents course content that is based on—and continually adapts to—each student’s knowledge. This ensures a focus on content the student hasn’t learned while also promoting long-term retention of learned material. 

Imagine your students using a platform that delivers individualized content based on each student’s needs and adapts instruction to maximize each student’s learning. With the integration of LearnSmart and SmartBook technologies, it’s a reality.

Available in:

  • Science, Grades 6-12
  • Social Studies, Grades 6-12
  • World Languages: Spanish, Levels 1-4

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