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McGraw-Hill Networks™ is a dynamic student-centered program that helps teachers prepare students to be successful in college, careers, and civic life.


Rigorous, age-appropriate content highlights diverse perspectives, integrates primary sources, and makes relevant connections to bring the subject area to life. Dynamic digital resources draw students in.


Project-based and inquiry activities ignite curiosity and facilitate critical thinking, teaching students how to analyze sources, cite evidence, and take informed action.


Customizable lesson plans and classroom management tools save time, while point-of-use differentiation strategies and authentic ELL support meet every student where they are.

Inspire Active Citizenship

Stimulate collaboration, problem solving, debate, action, and draw connections to today. By demonstrating relevancy, students realize they have the power to shape the world around them.

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United States History and Civics

Grade 6

World History: Early Ages

Grade 7

Program Features

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Engage Students in Conversations about Current Events

SyncBlasts offers a dynamic digital library of reading and writing assignments called Blasts that cover current events and social studies topics relevant to students’ lives and the world around them. New Blasts are published each school day at three Lexile®-levels. Available in English and Spanish. Contact your rep to add SyncBlasts to your Networks™ solution.

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Give Students What They Need, When They Need It

LearnSmart makes social studies content accessible to students by providing personalized instruction, practice, and context necessary to build meaning. The program also suggests different ways to access content or review materials when needed, all based on the individual student’s personal performance and knowledge indicators.

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Meaningful Support for All Students

Ensure every student has meaningful access to the social studies content and can participate in the discussion.

  • Point-of-use differentiation strategies for approaching-level, beyond-level, and ELL students
  • Adjustable reading levels, audio, and closed captioning
  • Reading Essentials and Study Guide to support below-level readers
  • Comprehensive Spanish language resources, with print Spanish Student Editions for select titles

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