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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Our Principles

Literacy Programs for Texas

K–5 Literacy Programs for Texas

Primary literacy programs that support TEKS success 

From learning to read to reading to learn, primary literacy is essential to academic success. McGraw Hill offers a variety of literacy and language arts solutions to support a full spectrum of learners in a variety of different classrooms. By allowing you to choose what works best in your classroom or framework, we can fully support you in your goals while preparing students for rigorous TEKS standards. 

Texas Wonders is a comprehensive K–5 literacy solution designed to meet the challenges of today’s classroom with a wealth of research-based resources that provide unmatched support for building strong literacy foundations. Whether in the core classroom, a dual immersion or bilingual setting, or a workshop model, Texas Wonders provides students equitable access to rich texts, rigorous instruction, targeted differentiation, and social emotional learning.

Texas Maravillas is a fully equitable Spanish language arts program that mirrors the core instruction within Texas Wonders and supports students as they become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. With a wealth of authentic literature ranging across the Spanish-speaking world, Texas Maravillas gives students equity of access to rich texts and rigorous instruction.

Redbird Language Arts & Writing is a digital, adaptive personalized learning solution that helps students achieve their full potential as writers—no matter where they are on the learning continuum.

Open Court Reading is a comprehensive research-based K–5 reading, writing, and language arts program that aligns with how students learn to read with systematic, explicit instruction.

Reading Mastery uses the highly explicit, systematic approach of Direct Instruction to accelerate the development reading, writing, and literacy skills through a common instructional design that helps students learn more efficiently.

Overview of Texas StudySync

Bring literature to life

Texas StudySync® is designed to help students and teachers meet the challenges of the latest TEKS and ELPS through a rigorous, collaborative, and student-centered curriculum.

Students have online resources at their disposal. If I connect them with a resource online, they can revisit that resource as many times as they need to be successful

Texas StudySync Resources





Texas StudySync 6–12 Components & Bundles



  • Texas Teacher Online 8-year Subscription
  • Texas Teacher Edition Set
  • Texas Test Prep and Practice Teacher Guide
  • Texas User's Guide
  • Texas Unit Poster Set
  • Placement, diagnostic, and end-of-unit assessments
  • Foundational skills
  • Grammar, language, and composition guide (teacher and student)
  • Full Google Classroom integration
  • Screener powered by Acuity
  • Vocabulary workbook
  • Spelling workbook
  • Student and teacher glossary
  • Newcomer EL support

AP Literacy Programs for Texas

AP Language & Composition

Fully updated for 100 percent alignment to the new framework, Language and Composition: The Art of Voice is a blended reader/rhetoric text that spans a myriad of ages, cultures, and disciplines while building a solid foundation for students as they learn to approach, analyze, and respond to a variety of selections. 


Public Speaking I, II, III

The Art of Public Speaking, the most widely used textbook on its subject in the world, offers a clear, authoritative, and time-tested approach that speaks personably to students as they become capable, responsible speakers, listeners, and thinkers.


College Readiness and Study Skills

Common Places: Integrated Reading and Writing, 2e
by Lisa Hoeffner and Kent Hoeffner

  • Helps students read from a writer's viewpoint and write with a reader in mind.
  • Engages students in real-world, college-level projects.
  • Provides a cohesive instructional framework to accelerate college readiness through author-created resources.

Practical Writing Skills

College Writing Skills with Readings, 10e
by John Langan and Zoe Albright

  • Helps students develop essay-level skills using John Langan’s tried-and-true test approach.
  • Supports reading comprehension with a large built-in reader.
  • Emphasizes personal learning, academic learning, and workplace preparation.

Communication Applications

Experience Communication, 2e
By Jeffrey Child and Judy Pearson and Paul Nelson

  • Teaches the fundamentals of successful communication in a digital and global environment.
  • Motivates students to confidently use digital tools and social media to represent themselves effectively in person and online.
  • Reflects how pervasive the mediated aspect of communication impacts our lives.