AP Literacy Programs
for Texas

Language and Composition cover

AP Language & Composition

Fully updated for 100 percent alignment to the new framework, Language and Composition: The Art of Voice is a blended reader/rhetoric text that spans a myriad ages, cultures, and disciplines while building a solid foundation for students as they learn to approach, analyze, and respond to a variety of selections.

Public Speaking cover

Public Speaking I, II, III

The Art of Public Speaking, the most widely used textbook on its subject in the world, offers a clear, authoritative, and time-tested approach that speaks personably to students as they become capable, responsible speakers, listeners, and thinkers.

Common Places cover

College Readiness and Study Skills

Common Places: Integrated Reading and Writing, 2e
by Lisa Hoeffner and Kent Hoeffner

  • Helps students read from a writer's viewpoint and write with a reader in mind.
  • Engages students in real-world, college-level projects.
  • Provides a cohesive instructional framework to accelerate college readiness through author-created resources.
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College Writing Skills with Readings cover

Practical Writing Skills

College Writing Skills with Readings, 10e
by John Langan and Zoe Albright

  • Helps students develop essay-level skills using John Langan’s tried-and-true test approach.
  • Supports reading comprehension with a large built-in reader.
  • Emphasizes personal learning, academic learning, and workplace preparation.
Experience Communication cover

Communication Applications

Experience Communication, 2e
By Jeffrey Child and Judy Pearson and Paul Nelson

  • Teaches the fundamentals of successful communication in a digital and global environment.
  • Motivates students to confidently use digital tools and social media to represent themselves effectively in person and online.
  • Reflects how pervasive the mediated aspect of communication impacts our lives.