2018 Social and Emotional
Learning Report

We surveyed 1,100+ educators, administrators, and parents about the professional development, resources, and support for social and emotional learning (SEL) in PreK-12 classrooms.

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Highlights and key findings from this survey include:

  • Nearly two-thirds of educators surveyed said their school is in the process of implementing a school-wide strategic SEL plan.
  • Three-quarters of teachers surveyed say they are teaching SEL in their classroom, and 74% of teachers say they are devoting more time to teaching SEL today compared to five years ago.
  • Nearly two-thirds of teachers surveyed said they need more time to teach SEL skills.
  • Only 64% of teachers currently teaching SEL felt they were only "somewhat prepared" to teach SEL, and only 22% felt they were "very prepared."
  • Over half of the teachers (51%) said that the level of professional development offered on SEL at their school is not sufficient.


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