AP Summer Institute Support from McGraw Hill

To support the transition to online APSI delivery due to COVID-19, we are pleased to offer eBook access to workshop leaders and attendees for 2020. Whether you are delivering your APSI workshop in person or online, we value the opportunity to provide ongoing support to AP teachers and workshop leaders. Please select the delivery method appropriate to your workshop format.

Thank you for allowing us to support your APSI!

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APSI Online

Your order will include a Student Edition eBook at one per workshop leader and one per participant. Register for access below to receive a unique Leader user name and passcode along with an eBook request access link to share with your participants. Each participant requiring access must complete the access request form.

APSI Onsite

Your order will include print Student Editions (see specific programs for quantity furnished), key supplements such as printed Teacher Manuals were available, product catalogs, and an attendee list that we ask be completed and returned in the self-addressed, stamped envelope immediately following your workshop.

Please note: Requests for physical copies must be received at least FOUR weeks prior to the APSI start date and shipped to a central location.

Please note: If you encounter an error or have troubling loading the request form, please clear your cookies/cache.

Questions: Contact Us at apelectives@mheducation.com

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