Find out which simulations are available for Physics.


• Free Fall
• Trajectory
• Inclined Plane
• Friction Force
• Terminal Velocity
• Kinetic and Potential Energy
• Collisions in One Dimension
• Collisions in Two Dimensions
• Rotation, Moment of Inertia
• Harmonic Oscillation
• Damped Oscillation
• Coupled Oscillators
• Uniform Circular Motion
• Finding the Density of an Object


• Doppler
• Beats

Electricity and Magnetism:

• Batteries, Resistors, and Currents
• Charging Capacitor
• Wheatstone Bridge
• Electron Beam in a Magnetic Field
• Induction
• Impedance
• Photo-Electric Effect


• Image Construction on Curved Mirrors
• Image Construction Through Lenses
• Refraction, Snell’s Law, and Chromatic Dispersion
• Light Polarization
• Double-Slit Interference and Diffraction


• Calorimetry

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