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Application-Based Activities User Guide

In this user guide, you'll get everything you need to use the Application-Based Activities (ABAs) in Connect. From a basic overview to a deep dive, you'll learn to easily create, edit, and match ABAs to your specific course objectives.

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Application-Based Activities User Guide

  • Quick Start
  • Create an ABA Assignment
  • Grading ABAs
  • Deeper Dive
  • How to View Student Performance: Instructor View
  • How to View Student Performance: Student View
  • Matching/Align ABAs: Instructor View
  • Matching/Align ABA Student View
  • Role-Playing/SmartChat ABAs: Instructor View
  • Role-Playing/SmartChat ABAs Student View
  • Self-Assessment/SmartForm ABAs: Instructor View
  • Self-Assessment/SmartForm ABAs: Student View
  • Multimedia Case/SmartVideo ABAs: Instructor View
  • Multimedia Case/SmartVideo: Student View

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