Complete Four Simple Steps to Get Started with LMS Integration

Follow the steps below to contact our Integration Services team and begin configuring your Learning Management System (LMS) integration. You'll enjoy a seamless, easy-to-use experience for you and your students when integrating McGraw-Hill's content and tools into your learning management system.

Step 1

MH Campus Account Registration

An instructor or administrator must complete the MH Campus Account Request Form one-time on behalf of your institution. The McGraw-Hill Campus Support Team will then create an account for your institution and email the credentials to the Learning Management System Administrator listed on your account request form.

Step 2

LMS Administrator Configuration

Your LMS admin will need to agree to McGraw-Hill Campus terms of use and follow the steps documented at to complete the one-time MH Campus configuration in your LMS to enable single sign-on access and gradebook synchronization.

Step 3

Instructor Content Selection and Deployment

Instructors may then add the MH Campus tool to their LMS course, browse and select the content and learning tools they wish to share with their class and begin syncing scores to their LMS gradebook as students complete assignments. Visit the training page for documentation on these steps.

Step 4

Student Access

Students are now able to login to their LMS and click the MH Campus tool link in their course to access the materials and learning tools chosen by their instructor. Some items may require purchase or the entry of an access code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is McGraw-Hill Campus?

McGraw-Hill Campus is a groundbreaking service that puts world-class digital learning resources just a click away for your faculty and students. Your entire faculty—whether or not they use a McGraw-Hill title—can instantly browse, search and access the entire library of McGraw-Hill instructional resources and services including e-books, test banks, PowerPoint slides, animations and learning objects—from any Learning Management System (LMS), at no additional cost to your institution. Users also have single sign-on access to McGraw-Hill digital platforms, including Connect®, ALEKS®, Create®, and Tegrity®.

Why is McGraw-Hill giving open access to its text-specific teaching resources, even to non-McGraw-Hill Education faculty?

We believe that faculty will appreciate the quality and value of our content and services, and may subsequently decide to adopt a textbook or digital service. Having said that, we provide equal access to all faculty, whether or not they are currently using content from McGraw-Hill in their course(s).

What is the cost to my institution for MH Campus?

McGraw-Hill provides this service at no cost to your institution.

What are instructors allowed to do with the resources they access through MH Campus?

While instructors can freely access everything, there are limitations on how they can then use the content. Content that normally needs to be purchased by the students (e.g. e-books and Connect) cannot be distributed to the students; however, content that is typically provided free of charge (e.g. PowerPoint slides, learning objects such as animations and multi-media modules, and test bank questions) can be freely used in the classroom.

Do instructors have to pay for the resources they choose to use in their course?

No, instructors have access to McGraw-Hill resources through MH Campus at no charge.

Do students have to pay for the resources their instructor makes available to them?

Many instructional resources are free to students. There are some subscription-based resources (including Connect, ALEKS, and e-books) for which students currently pay. These subscription-based products remain an instructor decision and no content is sold to students without instructor's intent.

Where can I get technical support should I need it?

Technical support for students and instructors is available through McGraw-Hill's Customer Experience Group at Support for system administrators (those managing the technical integration of MH Campus) can be found at

What Learning Management Systems and authentication authorities are supported by MH Campus?

MH Campus supports Active Directory®, Angel, Blackboard®, Canvas™, Desire2Learn™, Pearson Learning Studio (eCollege®), IMS, LDAP, Moodle™, Moodlerooms, Sakai®, Shibboleth®, WebCT®, BrainHoney®, Campus Cruiser, and Jenzibar eRacer™. Additionally, MH Campus can be easily connected with other authentication authorities and LMSs.

What is required of the institutional decision-maker to provide access to this service for my instructors?

To make this service available on your campus, an administrator must complete the MH Campus Account Request Form and click-through agreement on behalf of the institution upon first login to the MH Campus terms of use.