Inclusive Access

Research has shown that students with access to high quality learning materials perform up to 20% better than those who wait 2 weeks or more. Inclusive Access makes our adaptive learning products available within your LMS on Day 1 for all students.


Available to all

Students often wait to purchase materials for valid reasons, from uncertainty over withdrawal to delays in Financial Aid. Inclusive Access removes these worries and ensures every student, regardless of circumstance, can access materials.

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Improving Student Success

With so much material to cover, students that start behind generally stay behind. Providing access on Day 1 ensures every student is prepared for class, ready to learn and has the best chance of success.

Simplified purchasing

Inclusive Access identifies the students registered after the add/drop date and invoices the institution for only those students, excluding any who withdrew. Generally a course fee is attached to the course which covers the cost of materials.

Inclusive Access workflow