English Skills with Readings https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/1260257126.jpeg 10 9781260257120 Now in its 10th edition, English Skills with Readings emphasizes personalized learning to address student deficits in grammar and mechanics. Throughout the book, students are exposed to examples of writing that reflect the three key realms of their lives - personal, academic, and workplace. Seeing these different types of writing helps students understand the critical way in which writing will have an impact on the many facets of their lives. English Skills with Readings continues to encourage new writers to see writing as a skill that can be learned and a process that must be explored. The four skills, or bases, for effective writing are as follows: • Unity: Discover a clearly stated point, or topic sentence, and make sure that all other information in the paragraph or essay supports that point. • Support: Support the points with specific evidence, and plenty of it. • Coherence: Organize and connect supporting evidence so that paragraphs and essays transition smoothly from one bit of supporting information to the next. •Sentence skills: Revise and edit so that sentences are error-free for clearer and more effective communication. The four bases are essential to effective writing, whether it be a narrative paragraph, a cover letter for a job application, or an essay assignment. The new edition also includes a new and updated focus on information literacy, working with sources and writing research papers, making this a powerful and flexible text for students and instructors alike.
English Skills with Readings

English Skills with Readings

10th Edition
By John Langan and Zoe Albright
ISBN10: 1260257126
ISBN13: 9781260257120
Copyright: 2021
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Program Details

Readings Listed by Rhetorical Mode 


PART 1 Fundamentals of Effective Writing 
1. An Introduction to Writing 
2. The Four Bases and the Writing Process 
3. The First and Second Steps in Writing 
4. The Third Step in Writing 
5. The Fourth Step in Writing 
6. Four Bases for Revising Writing 

PART 2 Paragraph Development 
7. Description 
8. Narration
9. Exemplification
10. Process 
11. Cause and/or Effect 
12. Comparison and/or Contrast
13. Definition 
14. Division-Classification
15. Argument

PART 3 Essay Development 
16. Writing the Essay 

PART 4 Source-Based Writing in the Digital Age
17. Information Literacy
18. Using Sources to Write Papers 

PART 5 Handbook of Sentence Skills 
Section I Grammer
19. Subjects and Verbs 
20. Sentence Sense
21. Fragments
22. Run-Ons
23. Regular and Irregular Verbs 
24. Subject-Verb Agreement 
25. More about Verbs
26. Pronoun Agreement and Reference 
27. Pronoun Types 
28. Adjectives and Adverbs 
29. Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers 
Section II Mechanics 
30. Capital Letters 
31. Numbers and Abbreviations 
Section III Punctuation 
32. Apostrophes 
33. Quotation Marks 
34. Commas 
35. Other Punctuation Marks 
Section IV Word Use 
36. Commonly Confused Words 
37. Effective Word Choice 
Section V Practice 
38. Editing Tests 

PART 6 Readings for Writers 

A. Sentence-Skills Diagnostic Test 
B. Sentence-Skills Achievement Test 
C. Answers to Sentence-Skills Diagnostic Test