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Staying Fit At Home

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this term, college students all over the globe are facing epic changes to their daily routine. Instead of going to class, club meetings, jobs, or the gym, many are now confined to their homes. If you are a person who enjoys being active, this change will require you to find new and creative ways to stay in shape.

Here are 5 tips to help with your fitness goals during social isolation:

1.    Exercise Outside

Get outside, get some exercise, and enjoy nature. In upstate New York, the weather is finally getting warmer, so I’ve been taking my workouts outside. Walking, biking, and hiking are great ways to stay healthy during quarantine. It’s ok to go outside as long as you follow the recommendations on social distancing in your area.

2.    Find the Best YouTube Fitness Videos

Home workouts don’t have to be boring or lonely! YouTube videos and Peloton live workouts are a great resource to use at this time. Try something you haven’t done before (I just tried cardio kickboxing on YouTube and loved it). Whether you find a 20-minute HIIT workout or a live yoga session from a local studio, there is a workout available for all stages of your fitness journey.

3.    Workout with Homemade Equipment

You don’t need fancy workout equipment to get your sweat on—you just need to get creative. Dumbbells are similar in weight to gallon jugs. Use a bag of dog food or a backpack with books in it. Use Pinterest and YouTube to find home gym hacks, and find new ways to use the equipment you already have. I have resistance bands that I typically used for quad focusing, but I now have incorporated them into upper body workouts and cardio.

4.    Eat Healthy in Isolation

Learn how to cook healthy meals at home. It’s easy to find recipes online with websites like  And don’t be afraid to cook something you’ve never had before. I just learned how to make healthy Pad Thai at home from this recipe, and it’s my new favorite! Plan your meals ahead of time so you are less likely to eat unhealthy snacks between meals.

5.    Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind, so make a conscious effort to drink as much water as you can. You’ll feel less hungry, have more energy, and your skin will thank you! Learn how much with the water intake calculator.

Despite the recent changes in our lives, staying healthy should be our focus. My new motto is “no gym, no problem.” Although it has been an adjustment to have all of my workouts in my bedroom or outside, it is also a fun challenge and a nice break from my stagnant gym routine. So, get moving! You’ll feel better after you do.