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Innovation in the classroom starts here! Scroll down for course materials that motivate students to succeed in Marketing.

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Innovation in the classroom starts here! Scroll down for course materials that motivate students to succeed in Marketing.

Listen to the Podcast


Innovation in the classroom starts here! Scroll down for course materials that motivate students to succeed in Marketing.

Listen to the Podcast


Innovation in the classroom starts here! Scroll down for course materials that motivate students to succeed in Marketing.

Listen to the Podcast

Connect Marketing

Helping students earn better grades and enabling instructors to use their time more effectively in lectures, Connect Marketing offers innovative study tools that drive students to master concepts and come to class prepared. Create assignments, monitor student progress, and spend class time with students applying and analyzing marketing concepts—all with Connect!

Connect Marketing Features


For instructors looking for more time to discuss current marketing events, the auto-graded SmartBook ensures foundational content coverage before students come to class. SmartBook personalizes content to meet each learner, maximizing the time students spend preparing for class while also drastically reducing the time instructors spend on class preparation and grading.

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Application Exercises

Application Exercises like video cases, case analyses, and more challenge students to apply marketing concepts to real-life cases and scenarios. Students receive instant feedback and engage with content by making decisions, categorizing information, and organize information in time sequences, and are tasked with confirming understanding of key concepts.

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Marketing Analytics

New Marketing Analytics Exercises (available for copyright 2018 & copyright 2019 Marketing Principles titles) help students analyze and use data to make decisions, engaging them with analytics tools and techniques related to each chapter’s topic.

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Marketing Plan Prep

New Marketing Plan Prep exercises in Connect (available for copyright 2018 & copyright 2019 Marketing Principles titles) use guided activities and examples to help students better understand the elements of a marketing plan.

Five new exercises are now available for copyright 2018 & copyright 2019 Marketing Principles titles:

Business Mission & Objectives
SWOT Analysis
Identifying Opportunities
Implementing the Marketing Mix
Evaluating Performance using Marketing Metrics

Marketing Simulations

The Practice Marketing simulation provides an engaging way for instructors to help students see and apply the “Four Ps” of Marketing. This “virtual internship” puts students in the role of Marketing Manager for a backpacking company and helps them understand how elements of the marketing mix affect one another.

In addition to the full simulation, 9 new Practice Marketing Mini Sims are now available. These smaller assignments dig deeper into each aspect of the marketing mix. Contact your local McGraw-Hill Learning Technology Representative for more information.


Case Studies

Discover the data-driven difference of Connect Marketing with these case study infographics.

Case Study - Monroe

Case Study - San Diego

Case Study - Virginia Tech

  • Looking for ways to find vetted, current content to include in your course quickly and effectively?

  • Wanting to increase student engagement?
  • Look no further than our award-winning author blogs! Regularly updated to provide instructors with a steady stream of recent articles, videos, discussion questions and more.

Welcome to the Marketing Insights Podcast Series.

Each brief, marketing expert-hosted podcast will provide you with tips, trends and marketing insights that you can bring into your own marketing course.

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Practice Marketing

A 3D, multiplayer, business strategy game, Practice Marketing enables students to put their marketing skills to the test in a fun and competitive, simulated environment. Within the game, students discover what it takes to be an effective marketing manager; using strategies learned in class, students must successfully launch a new product to market.

Practice Marketing is available within Connect or standalone at MHPractice.

Get to Know Our Principles of Marketing Products!

McGraw-Hill Education offers more options in Principles of Marketing than anyone else. Click below to explore each title.

Principles of Marketing

Connect Marketing Titles

Grewal/Levy Marketing
6th Edition, By Dhruv Grewal and Michael Levy

Grewal/Levy M: Marketing
5th Edition, By Dhruv Grewal and Michael Levy

Kerin/Hartley Marketing: The Core
7th Edition, By Roger Kerin and Steven Hartley

Kerin/Hartley Marketing
13th Edition, By Roger Kerin and Steven Hartley

Hunt/Mello/Deitz Marketing
2nd Edition, By Shane Hunt and John Mello and George Deitz

Perreault/Cannon Essentials of Marketing
15th Edition, By William Perreault, Jr. and Joseph Cannon and E. Jerome McCarthy

Zeithaml/Bitner/Gremler Services Marketing: Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm
7th Edition, By Valarie Zeithaml and Mary Jo Bitner and Dwayne Gremler

Mothersbaugh/Hawkins Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy
13th Edition, By David Mothersbaugh and Delbert Hawkins

Lucas Customer Service Skills for Success
6th Edition, By Robert Lucas

Marshall/Johnston Marketing Management
2nd Edition, By Greg Marshall and Mark Johnston

Hair/Celsi/Bush/Ortinau Essentials of Marketing Research
4th Edition, By Joseph Hair, Jr. and Mary Celsi and Robert Bush and David Ortinau

Cateora/Graham/Gilly International Marketing
17th Edition, By Philip Cateora and John Graham and Mary Gilly

Arens/Weigold Contemporary Advertising
15th Edition, By William Arens and Michael Weigold and Christian Arens

New! Arens/Weigold M: Advertising
3rd Edition, By Christian Arens and Michael Weigold

New! Belch/Belch Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective
11th Edition, By George Belch and Michael Belch

Levy/Weitz/Grewal Retailing Management
9th Edition, By Michael Levy and Barton Weitz and Dhruv Grewal

New! Castleberry/Tanner Selling: Building Partnerships
9th Edition, By Stephen Castleberry and John Tanner


All across America, students and instructors who use McGraw-Hill Connect Marketing are experiencing joy and real results. It’s a phenomenon we call MHEhappiness. We would love to hear YOUR story and feature YOU and/or YOUR students! Go to the URLs below to tell us why Connect Marketing makes you happy!

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You can flip your marketing classroom with ease!

Let us help!

Click below to listen to Joe Cannon, of Colorado State University, discuss Flipping the Four Ps for Principles of Marketing.

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education offers two pathways for LMS integration. McGraw-Hill Campus enables seamless access from any LMS in use to all of our content and learning platforms. Blackboard customers may also leverage the McGraw-Hill Connect and Create building block specific to their LMS for the tightest integration available today for Connect and Create users.