United States History & Geography: Modern Times © 2018

Grade Levels: 9-12
United States History & Geography: Modern Times covers the history of the United States during the modern era, and brings the past to life for today’s high school students. The program includes a strong emphasis on biographies and primary sources, document-based questions, critical thinking and building historical understanding, as well as developing close reading skills.

About the Program

United States History and Geography: Modern Times
Appleby • Brinkley • Broussard • McPherson • Ritchie

Student Edition:

  • Focus on the big ideas  with an accessible print student text built around Essential Questions, enduring ideas, and NCSS Standards.
  • Put your social studies students in the middle of the action with The Story Matters chapter openers, Biography features, maps, and timelines.
  • Maximize comprehension with the Reading Help Desk in each lesson to assist students with reading strategies, note-taking activities, graphic organizers, and vocabulary support.
  • Build critical thinking and historical analysis skills with features such as Thinking Like a Historian, It Matters Because, What Do You Think, and Connections to Today.

Inquiry Journal:
This interactive print worktext is built around essential questions and permits students to develop their inquiry skills using analysis, primary sources, and evidence-based writing. Each chapter culminates in a Taking Action activity designed to translate learning into informed action. It’s designed with the C3 Framework for social studies in mind.

Digital Student Learning Center:
Includes the full student edition and inquiry journal, plus engaging resources that provide context and bring the narrative to life such as maps, timelines, infographics, primary sources, images, and videos. Includes audio, annotation tools, and approaching level option for the student text. Reading and writing support such as guided notes, vocabulary pop-ups, and graphic organizers help improve understanding of the content. Cumulative Hands-On Chapter Projects and additional Technology Extension activity provide authentic performance assessment. LearnSmart® with SmartBook® adaptive ebook helps students learn faster, study more efficiently, and retain more knowledge.

Teacher’s Edition:
The print Teacher Wraparound Edition is built on the principles of Understanding by Design®. It includes the entire student text along with a variety of planning and instructional support for the print and digital resources. Differentiation strategies as well as project-based learning materials are included.

Chapter Tests and Lesson Quizzes:
Printed blackline master booklet of Lesson Quizzes and Chapter Tests includes all the editable tests available online. Use it to preview online test questions or print for paper and pencil tests. Chapter tests include traditional and document-based question tests.

Digital Teacher Lesson Center:
Easily access all teaching resources and classroom management tools for the curriculum.

  • Differentiate with Spanish language resources, and strategies for approaching level, beyond level, and ELL students.
  • Access and customize online lesson plans and explore the library of resources.
  • Create assignments for whole class or individual students. Includes pre-built and customizable tests and quizzes, with a variety of question types to provide critical practice for high-stakes assessments.

Online SyncBlasts permit teachers to leverage rich, multi-media reading and writing assignments focused on social studies and current event articles. These help to engage students and cultivate reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills in a unique, and ever-growing platform. New Blasts are being added regularly; Spanish language Blasts are also included.

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