Word Analysis Kits

Grades 4–5

Overview of Word Analysis Kits

Lifetime Skills for Reading Success​​

Word Analysis Kits develop critical reading skills that enable students to approach new words and more complex texts with ease:​

  • Learn about morphemes, the smallest units of meaning, and how they are used to identify new words and build vocabulary​
  • Focus on prefixes, suffixes, and base words individually and in context​
  • Read a variety of passages at progressive levels for practice in reading independently​
  • Focus on vocabulary and fluency​

Components for Word Analysis Kits

Grade 4

Student Components

Kit Resources

  • Sound/Spelling Wall Cards​
  • Small-Group Sound/Spelling Cards​
  • Individual Sound/Spelling Cards (4 sets)​
  • High-Frequency Flash Cards​
  • Decodable Take-home BLM​
  • Alphabet Letter Cards (uppercase/lowercase)​
  • Word Cubes​
  • English Learner Photo Cards​
  • Sound/Spelling Stickers

Sound/Spelling Cards
Represents 44 most common sounds. ​ Three sizes: Individual, Small-Group, Wall. ​Digital versions recite the Sound/Spelling story, and the picture illustrates a motion. Available in print and digital format.

Reading Cards
Approaching Level, On Level, and Beyond Level. Includes prefixes, suffixes, roots, and base words in context. Practice in comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency​.

Teacher Components

Components available in both print and digital format

Teacher’s Guide
Every lesson provides differentiated instruction for phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and word analysis. One volume.​

Teacher Resource Book
Lesson-by-lesson instructional support for at-risk and English learners. Implemented during small-group.

Skills Practice BLM
Practice phonics, fluency, and word analysis.

Assessment BLM
Assess phonics, fluency, and word analysis.

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