SyncBlasts: Reading & Writing Support for Social Studies

Develop Critical Thinking Skills Across Subject Areas

ELA teachers love our Blasts in StudySync’s  ELA curriculum, and now your social studies teachers can have access to Blasts in their classrooms as well. SyncBlasts, powered by StudySync®, offer current events and social studies channels with daily reading and writing assignments. These allow students to engage in thoughtful discussions with SyncBlasts students across the nation about top stories in STEM, world news, the environment, civics, media literacy, and more. With its own news show, podcasts, and skills videos, it’s engaging, it’s addictive, and it’s a smart way to build vital critical thinking, writing and research skills.

How SyncBlasts Work

SyncBlasts pose a driving question to which students respond in a short-response format and include background research, an online student poll, peer review, and more.

New SyncBlasts are regularly published in the platform at three distinct Lexile®-levels. These SyncBlasts assignments challenge students to:

Build vital research, writing, and critical thinking skills and employ anonymous peer review and feedback.

Develop informed opinions on high-interest topics of cultural significance.

Participate in thoughtful discussions with an authentic audience of peers.

Express their opinions succinctly, in a familiar social media-like format.

Multimedia Components

Complementing the SyncBlasts  are dynamic video and audio features that provide in-depth coverage of topics and skills to enhance learning.

Preview Videos

Designed like movie trailers, preview videos set the stage and provide background information for what is to come. Use these videos as an introduction to the subject and revisit for a big-picture view.

Explainer Videos

Short, fact-based videos focus on explaining an idea in a simple and compelling manner. Clear, concise language is paired with visuals, quickly teaching a concept prior to a deeper dive or discussion.

The Point News Show

These videos get to the point with news and global issues. Students watch and engage with newscasts produced with peer-aged students.

Spanish SyncBlasts

Published once weekly, Spanish SyncBlasts help English learners develop vital research, writing, inquiry, and critical thinking skills while engaging them across subject areas.