Grade 7

Reveal Math Accelerated:
Your solution for the Middle School Accelerated Pathway​

Reveal the Power of Mathematics

The principles of Reveal Math are derived from the latest research on how students learn best—through productive struggle, rich tasks, and mathematical discourse. Reveal Math empowers educators to uncover the mathematician in every middle school student through powerful explorations, purposeful technology, and timely and insightful differentiation opportunities. The unique approach of Reveal Math ensures students don’t just meet the standards required by the Accelerated pathway, they master them and are prepared for Algebra 1 in 8th grade.​

Components for Reveal Math Accelerated

Accelerated Math Components

Reveal Math includes a wealth of print and digital resources that leads to mastery of the standards.

Interactive Student Edition, Two Volumes

Students take ownership of their learning by interacting with content in the consumable student text. Also available in Spanish.

Student Digital Center

Access videos, animations, “Explore” activities, instructional content, assessments, and more.

Language Development Handbook, Student Edition

Students utilize graphic organizers and note-taking strategies to build mathematical vocabulary and language development.

Language Development Handbook, Teacher Edition

Teachers receive specific tips to support the language development of students building English language proficiency.

Teacher Edition, Two Volumes

Teachers benefit from a user-friendly and clear teacher edition, with tips on when and how to incorporate digital resources.

Teacher Digital Center

Access valuable and flexible resources for both core instruction and differentiation.


Students can access personalized learning and prepare for summative assessments.

Spanish Language Components

Meet the needs of English learners with a complete suite of resources to build English proficiency.

Spanish Interactive Student Editions

A Spanish version of the print interactive student editions is available for Reveal Math Accelerated.

Language Development Handbooks

The student edition of this handbook includes word cards, vocabulary squares, three-column charts with English/Spanish cognates, definition maps, concept webs, and Dinah Zike’s Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary Cards.

The teacher edition of the handbook includes English learner instructional strategies, leveled activities for English language development, and multicultural teacher tips.

Additional Resources

Additional resources include personal tutors in Spanish, a multilingual eGlossary, and ALEKS® bilingual courses in Spanish.