The PreK–8 Math Path

PreK–8 Math Path ​

Place all learners on the path to success from pre-kindergarten through middle school and beyond with three programs built to Standards for Mathematical Practices. Core programs McGraw-Hill My Math and Glencoe Math are correlated to Number Worlds so teachers can seamlessly support students in need of intervention and prevent them from falling behind.

Integrated Content Standards

The McGraw-Hill My Math and Glencoe Math authorship team articulated a scope and sequence for concepts and skills reflecting​ CCSS goals to accelerate student achievement. This foundation​ creates a cohesive K–8 path for student success.​

Use this scope and sequence to identify how the Standards for​ Mathematical Content are organized and presented in each program. Specifically, this scope and sequence includes:​

  • CCSS standards and how they are distributed across grades.​
  • Concepts and skills covered in each grade.​
  • Progression of concepts presented from year to year, showing coherence.​
  • Clusters of related concepts across grade levels.​
  • Specific prerequisite concepts from which skills are developed further. ​

View the alignment guide to learn more how these two programs help teachers create a seamless transition for every student.​