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McGraw Hill Virtual Care Package for Students, Parents and Teachers Celebrates Bravery and Supports Learning During the Pandemic

Called “Being Brave in the Face of Uncertainty,” the package of learning resources is available for free on the McGraw Hill website

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NEW YORK (November 19, 2020) – As teachers and students continue to navigate the challenges of remote and hybrid learning this fall, McGraw Hill today announced the release of a new “virtual care package,” part of an ongoing effort to support students, parents and educators during the pandemic. Called “Being Brave in the Face of Uncertainty,” the virtual care package includes a variety of educational resources and activities that parents and teachers can do together with children to help inspire their bravery and courageousness to learn and explore new ideas.

The Being Brave in the Face of Uncertainty virtual care package is available here:

“Today, in times such as those we are experiencing, we are all calling upon our own courage as we navigate experiences and challenges that are simultaneously unfamiliar and formidable,” said Kelly McGrath, Chief Academic Officer at McGraw Hill. “Uncertainty, risk, and fear may seem to lurk in every corner. Fortunately, research on the human brain and how we learn has demonstrated that all people—no matter their age—are capable of demonstrating courage. Moreover, bravery serves as the cornerstone of how we learn; without courage, we can never take the risk of trying new skills or exploring new ideas.

“As such, in honor of you and your young learners, we have created this bravery care package,” McGrath said. “Although some of the resources in this package are more tailored for children, and others are more geared toward adults (i.e., educators, parents, caregivers, etc.), everything in this package is designed to be used by anyone looking to develop courage. We hope that you enjoy this package and that it also serves as a source of inspiration for your own courageous ideas and learning experiences.”

All items in the care package are accessible digitally or via printing, and users can pick and choose from various options to further customize for their individual needs. Key materials that are available in the care packages include:

  • A bravery-themed music playlist
  • A printable bravery activity book
  • Writing prompts
  • Printable games
  • An “I’m Bored” activity list
  • A strategy poster
  • Additional activities designed to help cultivate bravery

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