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McGraw Hill Unveils New U.S. and World History Curriculum

This new curriculum will be available to educators and administrators in early 2022 for classroom implementation in the fall of 2022.

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NEW YORK (October 4, 2021) – McGraw Hill today announced the launch of a new middle and high school United States and World History curriculum. Developed by a diverse team of scholars, the student-centered programs highlight multiple perspectives and voices through vast primary and secondary sources. This new curriculum will be available to educators and administrators in early 2022 for classroom implementation in the fall of 2022.

The curricula – United States History and World History for high school, and United States History: Voices and Perspectives and World History: Voices and Perspectives for middle school -- prioritize student engagement with lessons that foster critical thinking as well as empathy and understanding. Through compelling narratives and robust multimedia content in the form of videos, audio files, interactive maps, and more, history comes alive. The content is further enhanced with the addition of a Living Library, updated regularly with new resources as well as current events articles, providing teachers with a dynamic curriculum that grows over time.

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"At McGraw Hill, we’re committed to delivering learning solutions that help students engage deeply with the subject matter, to understand how our shared past connects with their own lives, and to be enlightened and empowered by a broader view of history," said Sean Ryan, President of McGraw Hill’s School group. "Our latest U.S. and World History program is designed to do just that – to develop civic-mindedness and to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s future leaders. With these modern materials, teachers encourage students to dig deeper with an inquiry-based model that inspires curiosity through multiple perspectives."

This history curriculum fully aligns with NCSS Standards and fulfills the C3 Framework, while embedding interdisciplinary learning in fields such as civics, geography and economics which is incorporated throughout the program.

Teachers are provided with a range of materials that help them engage students at every level and ensure success, including:

  • Flexible, customizable lesson plans and targeted personalized learning systems that adapt to the needs of each student with Smartbook 2.0.
  • Professional Learning videos across a variety of topics including Inquiry, Primary Sources, Educational Equity and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.
  • Support for English learners with ELA skill development.
  • Differentiated content, intervention and enrichment to meet learners at their level.

In addition to the history programs, McGraw Hill is making available a new curriculum, "Civil Rights: Global Perspectives," a unique, all-digital secondary education program that teaches the principles espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and encourages students to apply them to the challenges of our increasingly global world. The coursework is designed to build empathy in students by inspiring them to explore how non-violent social change can be used for the greater good of global civil rights, and illuminating how such a pursuit allows everyone to participate in a fair and just society. While Dr. King’s story is frequently taught, this curriculum gives that story new resonance and an innovative lens through which students can embrace Dr. King’s life and legacy and recognize its applications in today’s world.

Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young, who has reviewed the course, said the following: "The innovative curricula is an investment in future leaders who -- like Dr. King himself -- embody the unifying ideals of justice and compassion that were the driving engine of the civil rights movement in America."


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