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How Educational Technology is Changing the Learning Experience

Stephen Laster discusses the future role and impact of technology in education on the Work of Tomorrow podcast.

Tags: Personalized Learning, Article, Classroom Best Practices, Data & Analytics

Online education today is anything but a static experience. Algorithms and artificial intelligence power personalized experiences that put students in charge of their own unique learning pathways. Software systems continuously test for understanding of each learning objective, and data sent back to instructors provide teaching recommendations to help maximize each minute spent in the classroom. Even content authors can now receive and make use of detailed feedback and analytics about students’ performance on each course item.

Listen to our CDO Stephen Laster and host Christian Terwiesch discuss how technology is changing the delivery model and expectations for education at all levels in this inaugural episode of the Work of Tomorrow podcast created by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

At McGraw-Hill, we combine cutting edge work in analytics and data science with proven research about how the mind works and how students learn best. We apply four dimensions of learning science to make it possible, guided by our mission to accelerate learning for students of all types around the world.